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Nomad lands on Parallel Depth with ‘Bad Habits’ EP


Nomad is a Drum & Bass DJ and Producer born in Bristol and now living in Berlin, two of the bubbling cauldrons for electronic dance music on an international level. He also co-manages his own platform Fuck About Drum & Bass. This is a digital music platform with members across United Kingdom and Germany. They’ve been supplying the masses with good music since 2017.

We have no doubt that this young newcomer has more inspiration and influence than most of us could ever dream of having. When you listen to ‘Bad Habits’ EP, you’ll realise that he uses those aspects perfectly. 

Opening up the EP is the title track ‘Bad Habits’, which features the incredible talent of MC Catfish Bobby on the vocals. This one has a proper roller sound with big UK influence that will transport you to a rainy London evening as you return to your house on the night bus. 

The second track is titled ‘Monsoon’. It is the more complex and deeper sounding tune of the EP, where the artist experiments with an amalgamation of mysterious synths with long reverberations and delays. The organic drums in this are the unique common thread that makes sense of the bigger picture.

Next up on this body of work is a collaboration between Parallel Depth‘s protagonist and the more-than-frequent member of the family Dedman with ‘Begging’. 

Closing out this EP we arrive at our premiere, ‘Voxengo’. Heavy hitting drums cut through a malicious bassline. As ye olde Ed Rush once said, “I want to hurt people with my beats”. Well, this one will definitely do that to you…

Check out Nomad ‘Voxengo’ below. His ‘Bad Habits’ EP drops on 6th April, make sure you grab it from here