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No Human Sound & Kiamya collab for their ‘Breathing’ EP on Unchained


While Unchained Recordings loves diving into the deep end of bass music whenever they can, they also have a soft spot for some smooth liquid or a bold “fu*k off” Drum & Bass track. That’s where it all started for them! Recently, they’ve been blown away by a constant stream of demos from Valencian duo No Human Sound and Alicante-born vocalist Kiamya. Enter the latest Unchained release for 2024: the ‘Breathing’ EP.

These tracks aren’t just good; they’re a revelation. Kiamya’s dark, sombre, and dare we say, “avant-garde” vocals took Unchained on a journey reminiscent of the iconic sounds of Bjork and Portishead.

No Human Sound and Kiamya have created something extraordinary. Despite its clear 174 BPM pulse, it’s not your typical liquid Drum & Bass chart-topper. Instead of the usual “beats first, vocals later” formula, the ‘Breathing’ EP centres around Kiamya’s unique tones, with No Human Sound building their sonic masterpieces around her voice.

We could go on about each track, but really, it’s an experience you have to dive into yourself. This fresh approach results in a release that works both on the dance floor and for those chill bean bag moments. It’s a two-for-one deal!

Even though the EP stands strong on its own, Unchained wanted a little extra flair. So, they got Unchained family member Radiax to give ‘Breathing’ a wild China-banger remix, which they think is one of his best yet! Then, they asked Trophy to add his touch. He reinterprets it in a chilled half-time style, but you’ll still catch those footwork jungle vibes he’s known for.

As LTJ Bukem says, “it’s all about the music.”

Today we premiere Radiax’s remix of ‘Breathing’ which you can check out below. The EP drops on Thursday 6th June, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Breathing cover

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