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No Human Sound join Low Syndicate with ‘Sydney’s Catalogue’ EP


After releasing their first offering last June, Low Syndicate Audio is back! For their second release, they keep supporting the talent of their city, Valencia (Spain). This time they bring No Human Sound to the fold with ‘Sydney’s Catalogue’ EP.

There is absolutely no doubt this duo is one most representative artists from the last decade of Valencias Drum & Bass Scene. Since 2017 they have
released music through Lost Recordings, Peer Pressure, A R Records, Melting Pot Records, and HC Records with ‘Subversive’ inside Low Syndicate Series Vol I (‘Valencia Manifest’ EP).

In their Low Syndicate Audio debut, they land with an EP where both the concept and the sound are pure sci-fi. Without a doubt why their artist
name is No Human Sound!

‘Ping Reality’ opens the release in an explicit and hard way. Computer codes are materialized by acid influenced arpeggios and merciless basslines, with only one mission….destroy the dancefloor!

The title track ‘Sydney’s Catalogue’ takes us into minimalist and deep spheres through a clear reference to Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, ‘Blade Runner’, where androids replace the life that humans have been taking little by little from the planet, being these in the end more human than humans.

To finish, No Human Sound proposes an escape from earthly nonsense aboard Alien film legendary spaceship ‘Nostromo’, propelling us vertiginously towards the dark space void through sinister atmospheres that tighten until breaking into a supersonic drop.

To round off the EP, LSA welcome to the label Plastiks, who is a Leipzig based German producer, co-founder of Blackhill Production and DDNBC (Dark D&B Convention), and has had music released on labels such as Onset Audio and Tesseract Records. He brings a very special remix of ‘Nostromo’, where he reformulates the original song, subtracting adrenaline and giving it a solid and heavy rhythm, with a mid-tempo passage at the breakdown.


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