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New imprint ROOT 97 launches with ‘Root 97: Chapter 1’


ROOT 97, going back to the future to the late 90s, bringing back that early TechStep / Neuro sound. But updated for the 2020s with their debut release ‘Root 97: Chapter 1’.

“You really nailed that late 90’s sound and you have the right balance of raw and carefully produced parts.” – Optical


BaSys & Wik Sha ‘Eva’: A banging collab between BaSys and Slovakian producer Wik Sha. The intro speech features “Eva”, a malicious AI program. The track fuses a bouncing synth riff with the driving sub-bass engine that powers the track forwards, and a tearing reese which contrasts the other elements.

BaSys & Tollgate ‘Shindigs’ (Quilan Variant): Think classic Virus style track, but updated for the 2020s, dark techy vibes mixed with melodic sections for contrast and to add to the sense of a journey within the track. Optical said of this track “you nailed that late 90’s vibe for sure”. Quilan is a nod to the surnames of the Virus duo.

HighThere & BaSys ‘In Your Face’: Is just that, a track right in your face. Huge sub-bass that won’t be fully appreciated until it’s heard on a big rig. Massive drums and one for the snare aficionados for sure. Dancefloor killer laced with moody atmospherics and catchy vocal snippets. HighThere doesn’t mess around, no fluff, just dancefloor killers.

BaSys & Tollgate Shindigs ‘Brainwashed’: This track, a collab between BaSys and Tollgate Shindigs, pulls influences from classic Techstep and also modern Minimal tracks to create something new. The track has a dystopian vibe about it so somewhat reflective of our current times.

BaSys ‘The Artifact’: This dark track features a mammoth bass call and response which sounds like two giant mechanoids communicating with one another. To contrast the dark elements some lighter melodic elements bring back vibes reminiscent of the Techstep classics.

Check out our premiere of BaSys ‘The Artifact’ below. The ‘Root 97: Chapter 1’ EP drops on Thursday 17th February, make sure you grab a copy from here

Root 97: Chapter 1 cover

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