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New collective Subconscious Audio launches with a VA


Consciousness can be defined as the awareness of one’s own existence. Its capacity is limited, consisting only of that which is in focal awareness. Behind this facade lies the inner mind: The subconscious. Formations of dreams and desires… it forgets nothing.

Combining intelligent processing, intricate melodies and ultra-low frequencies, Subconscious Audio will make your feet move without your consent. They will tap into the depths of your psyche and permanently imprint vibrations.

Subconscious Audio is a new collective based in Bristol, who kick off their journey with a massive Various Artists EP. Combining the talents of artists like Sudley, Kidsonic, Thread, Stelphy, Azrah, Dreamskape, Ivy Wubs, Koax and Dedman.

Today we premiere Ivy Wubs contribution to the release ‘Dark Spice’. Originally from France, and now residing in Bristol, Ivy Wubs has had a host of bookings since she moved to the UK.

Producing and mixing exciting and forward-thinking Drum and Bass has always been her main goal. Making interesting sounds and basses are quite literally in her name. Ivy Wubs is relatively new in the scene but is rising rapidly through the ranks. Her expertise lies in melodic deep minimal Drum & Bass but is not limited to it. She draws her inspiration from multiple genres to influence her music and shows. Now she’s a part of brand new UK collective Subconscious Audio, Ivy Wubs and the rest of the team are here to stay.

Check out our premiere of Ivy Wubs ‘Dark Spice’ below. The EP drops on 29th January so make sure you grab it from here


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