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Neurotoxin drop ‘B-Side/Mindwalk’ on Skalator Music


Kicking off 2021 with a massive single, Skalator Music present longtime collaborators Neurotoxin with what is their 6th release on the label ‘B-Side/Mindwalk’.

Neurotoxin is a duo from deep within the Ribatejo countryside in Portugal, or as they call it, the Hacienda. It’s there, in a hidden garage in the middle of the village, that they produce music influenced by Bass culture while creating original sounds. Very defined, and above all taking advantage of nature and the countryside, they compose tracks which are sometimes drier and more environmental, but always focused on the deep side.

Honing their skills and production ethos, these two are consistently unleashing their unique approach to Drum & Bass culture!

Being a seminal part of Skalator‘s journey as a music label, Neurotoxin‘s productions are always in constant evolution, reflecting their growth as artists and humans. Their uncompromising music is getting more and more airtime from some of the top players in the game. Reflecting on their commitment in the studio, both tracks on this single set the tone for what is going to be a big year for the duo.

First up is ‘B-Side’. The first time Skalator Music heard this tune, an instant “oldschool classic feel” jumped into their minds. Menacing drums, pad stings, smart fx, usual elements that we’ve seen the duo perform flawlessly, are accompanied by a tearing reece bass in a constantly evolving tone. One for the frontline heads.

Next is our premiere for today, ‘Mindwalk’. This one takes us into deeper territory. It is a voyage through murky atmospherics, rolling drums and a dark unsettling bassline that set the ominous feel of this tune. A definitive exercise on what a “dark roller tune” should be.

Check out our premiere of ‘Mindwalk’ below. The two tracker drops on 22nd January via Skalator Music, makes sure you grab it here


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