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Netherlands’ premier bass party NOX launches new label LUX


Since bursting into life in 2017 they’ve built a reputation as one of Netherlands’ premier parties with their hefty drum and bass/dubstep offerings, but as we come to the end of a year severely lacking events, bass music powerhouse NOX are branching out with the creation of a music label, LUX.

Surely you’ve heard about the line-ups at NOXA.M.CLondon ElektricityDirtyphonicsCamo & KrookedHybrid Minds – you name them, NOX have probably booked them. That’s not even mentioning this year’s NOX In The Woods festival, which was due to host NEROHigh Contrast and Delta Heavy as headliners… Oh 2020, why did you have to rob us of something so special?

Originally introduced as an answer to Eindhoven’s severe lack of bass music following several events in the city vanishing, NOX has quickly grown into one of the most exciting event brands in Europe. Whether it’s hosting shows in various cities across Netherlands, or the success of NOX In The Woods, it’s fair to say the organisers know how to throw a party. You just have to ask some of the artists in the scene…

‘NOX was a massive highlight of 2019 for me. Varied line-up, beautiful settings, amazing Dutch hospitality, wicked crew and ravers that just wanted to have fun. It just felt like a celebration of life. Can’t wait to go back! – Degs

“What a great night it was at NOX going b2b with Keeno. I really enjoyed our combination as we have quite a similar taste in music. I’ve always loved breaks and I’ve always liked taking crowds on a journey during my sets. We just clicked during that night. Definitely hope to do it again in the near future.” – Rido

“It’s all a bit of a blur but Holland shows are always dope! Big ups to the NOX crew, I had loads of fun performing there.” – Mefjus

A new direction, but the same values

The direction of LUX is going to be no different to that of the events brand. The desire to create a truly unique music experience focusing on experimental elements has always been at the heart of NOX – whether it’s the line-up, décor, visual effects or the engaging storylines. And it’s this vision that LUX is going to embody. Born from the ambition to keep pushing forward during a time when events are at a standstill, LUX aims to be a music label with no boundaries. One that takes the free-flowing energy of NOX and transforms it into a platform for music artists to experiment and develop. Whether it’s delicate liquid or pulsating neuro, LUX has a home for it. This is because sometimes we focus too much on sub-genre divisions, when instead we should be focusing on the energy of a release.

Kicking off the label with the ‘Genesis’ EP is testament to this vision. Featuring tracks from Alora, DubApe & VertexKoarse and Coldline, the EP rips up the rulebook in the hope of creating a platform welcome to all. Liquid, dancefloor, neuro, bassline – all the productions are so different, but together they form a concoction serving up the raw festival energy of NOX in a different package – an intention made clear by head-honcho Twan.

“After years of hosting events, we want to jump back into the crowd and explore a new avenue. We want to take the listener back to the original feeling of dance music. Back when there weren’t any rules around producing a track or what genre it should be. A time when it was all about the energy between the crowd and the DJ. You shouldn’t feel restricted when you’re in the studio producing! We’re kicking off this new venture with four different tracks in four different directions, but they’re all connected as one. Thinking within the same headspace of NOX, we want to build an electronic music label with the same vision, but one opening up a whole different way of connecting with crowds and artists.”  – Twan, founder of NOX & LUX

No one knows if we will be able to get back to events next summer, but what we do know is that the minds behind NOX are ploughing full steam ahead with LUX, and it’s sure to be something we will hear a lot more about in 2021.

Check out our recent premiere of  DubApe & Vertex ‘Lucent’ from LUX’s debut EP ‘Genesis’ which drops tomorrow (18th December 2020) below and grab it from here


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