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NEMY lands on Rebel Music with ‘Stockholm’ EP


NEMY, the Serbian maestro of left field Drum & Bass, unleashes his highly anticipated ‘Stockholm’ EP on Rebel Music. With a futuristic and dark approach, NEMY’s bold and striking style is on full display in this four-track release.

Starting off with ‘Stockholm’, NEMY employs classic Techstep and minimal influences to create a disorienting soundscape that hits with the force of a well-timed takedown. ‘Bogus’ follows with its driving basslines and intricate percussion, leaving the listener grappling for breath in the sonic onslaught.

NEMY takes us to ‘Purgatory’ with its eerie pads and sinister synths, where the atmosphere is thick with tension and unease, much like the lead-up to a high-stakes fight. Finally, ‘Acronym’ wraps up the EP with a nod to Techno and Neurofunk, showcasing NEMY’s versatility and skill with drums.

Like a seasoned MMA fighter, NEMY delivers a masterclass in technique, timing, and precision. Each track is a submission hold, forcing the listener to tap out to the relentless barrage of beats and bass. With this EP, NEMY cements his position as a heavyweight in the world of Drum & Bass and leaves us eagerly anticipating his next move.

Today we premiere ‘Bogus’ which you can check out below. The ‘Stockholm’ EP drops this Friday 2nd June via Rebel Music. You can grab a copy from here!

Stockholm cover

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