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Myth drops 2 bangers on inHabit Recordings


The next release to come out of the inHabit Recordings camp is from a man who frankly shouldn’t need an introduction at this point, but we’re going to give him one anyway. Myth has been on all manner of quality labels over the last couple of years, including legendary imprints like 31, CIA, Symmetry, Flexout Sofa Sound and Dispatch, the latter while wearing his collaborative Ill Truth hat.

In his solo works to date, Myth has slowly established himself as that rarest of things, a young Drum & Bass producer who is as much of a careful student of the genre as he is of production science. His unadorned, bare-bones dancefloor bangers flex, clank and grind with a gritty edge that sets him apart from many of his peers and cast him as somewhat of an heir to Total Science and Dillinja perhaps. He’s a guy that has a laser-like focus on building weapons that make you dance at night, with enough clever touches and pure craftsmanship that you can still marvel at them by day. 

Onto the tunes then, ‘Square One’ is an urgent subby stepper with a ragga vocal and a ravey synth, rushy pads and some deft percussive touches. It cuts through any mix like a hot knife before breakfast and it has more bottom end than Kim Kardashian. ‘Square One’ will also piss off everyone over the age of 23 because it’s short, like Tom Cruise short so play this when you’re going back to back with your disreputable uncle or older friend if you want to see him frothing at the mouth. 

The good news is that you can play him our premiere ‘Rouge’ to get back in his good books. This one has it all – a rugged twisty break, more ghost notes than Casper’s fridge, a bassline that sails close enough to 97-ish Dillinja to leave a scratch or two on the paintwork of his yacht, and the kind of serious, moody vibe that even the heads who were making tunes like this twenty years ago have a hard time nailing sometimes. This is a monolith guys and gals, it’s carved from solid basalt, it’s the way the future was meant to sound.

Check out ‘Rouge’ below! The tracks drop via inHabit Recordings on 19th February, make sure you bag yourself a copy of these bangers ASAP from here


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