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Mughte returns to Low Syndicate Audio with ‘Chronicle of a Dark Tuesday’ EP


Low Syndicate Audio welcomes back the youthful yet seasoned Mughte, who returns with a fresh EP brimming with emotion. Their eleventh offering, ‘Chronicle of a Dark Tuesday’, invites listeners on a profound exploration into the depths of the human soul.

Across four tracks, Mughte guides us through the aftermath of superficial connections, delving into themes of solitude and inner turmoil. ‘Anger’ boldly declares raw emotions, building from a tense introduction to a dark, powerful climax. Transitioning to ‘Displeasure’, Mughte offers a glimpse into the gradual process of coping with pain while remaining steadfastly defiant.

In ‘Kill an Ángel’, the EP takes a more introspective turn, weaving elements of Drum & Bass with liquid melodies to navigate through melancholy towards acceptance. The journey culminates in ‘Demon’s Day’, a tech-infused track that provides a cathartic release, allowing listeners to reclaim their strength amidst inner demons.

Set for release on May 8th, with a bonus track ‘Never Got’ available as a teaser from April 28th, this EP promises a gripping narrative that unfolds with each track. Additionally, in celebration of their upcoming third anniversary, Low Syndicate Audio is gearing up to show their appreciation to supporters, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates this summer.

Check out our premiere of ‘Anger’ below and grab yourself a copy of Mughte’s ‘Chronicle of a Dark Tuesday’ EP here!

Chronicle of a Dark Tuesday cover

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