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Moondance & Dope Ammo drop ‘Together Reloaded Part 1’


Moondance and Dope Ammo would have been absolutely off their rocker to not continue with the success of their ‘Together’ projects. Spending weeks and weeks at the top of the download charts was one thing, but to put together such an authentic tribute to the past was no doubt the tip of the raving iceberg for everyone involved. So, they are back with ‘Together Reloaded Part 1’. The reloaded series aims for more of the same and promises to give you another trip down memory lane but with the bonus of upfront production and a quicker BPM so slotting into your next set won’t be an issue!

Dope Ammo, Ed Solo and Cat Mctigue take on ‘Make Me Feel’ in fine style, promoting singalong vibes throughout and the occasional whistle and horn if you’re in the mood. You all know this one from way back in the early 90’s, just this time around it’s got extra rave stabs and a growling bassline.

Next up ‘In The Moonlight’ from Sense and Dope Ammo featuring Cat Mctigue on vocals sticks with the hands-in-the-air vibe, ideal for the end-of-summer festival crew and the countless house parties that will follow.

The Godfather DJ Slipmatt links up with Dope Ammo for a four-to-the-floor monster that goes by the name of ‘The Song’. Early hardcore vibes a run with a monster kick drum, plenty of quick-fire riffs and cheeky drum fills. Essential if you’re a multi-genre DJ.

Wrapping up Part 1 of the project brings Dope Ammo, Ratpack and Jasmine Knight together in the studio alongside Akas with ‘Going Back’ the remix. The vocals alone carry this track into unknown territory, full of passion and expert delivery. It’s one hell of a dream team collaboration and worthy of being in everyone’s virtual crates for months to come.

Today we premiere Dope Ammo, Ed Solo ‘Make Me Feel’ ft. Cat Mctigue which you can check out below. ‘Together Reloaded Part 1’ drops today on all reputable platforms, so make you bag yourself a copy from here!

Together Reloaded Part 1 cover

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