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Minor Forms debuts on Vandal Records


Justin Mann aka Minor Forms is a London based artist. He is all parts Minor Forms and also 1/3 part of Drum & Bass trio Arcatype. With years of production experience between the three of them and after a few collaborative sessions, Arcatype soon realised they had a knack for working well together in the studio. They continued to meet up in order to build their signature sound. They have released on labels such as Symmetry, Vandal Records, Computer Integrated Audio and Ingredients Records.

Justin’s new moniker Minor Forms is something fresh for him to put out his solo productions. With that, he is making his debut as a solo artist on Vandal Records with a banging 4 track EP entitled ‘Biophonic’.

The style of his music will be familiar to some listeners. However, Minor Forms is hoping to inject some fresh and exciting ideas into the Drum & Bass scene. Drawing from a wide sphere of influences within Jungle/Drum & Bass and further afield from ambient/drone, techno, jazz and beyond, Minor Forms is looking to quickly cement himself as a new name in the scene. With this release, he is surely well on his way to do that!

Vandal Records is a french Drum & Bass label founded in 2004 by SKS devoted to the dancefloor. Their sub-label Vandal Limited was founded in 2014 by SKS and Redeyes. It is dedicated to liquid and deep music.

We’ve chosen to premiere the title track ‘Biophonic’. This starts out like it’s come straight out of the original Bladerunner film. Rolling deep and dark with great use of atmospherics and a filthy, wubby bassline. ‘Biophonic’ has got dirty, sweaty rave written all over it.

Check out our premiere of ‘Biophonic’ below. The EP drops on Vandal Records on 11th September, so make sure you grab it from here


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