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Michael E.T. drops ‘Pressure w/Halftone / Ascension’


Intrigue Music is back with this special 2 track release ‘Pressure w/Halftone / Ascension’ from fellow Bristolians, Michael E.T. and Halftone.

‘Pressure’ was written in the spring of 2021, post lockdown the combination of bright mornings and being reunited with friends brought about the positivity that runs throughout this track. Packed with the kind of energy that comes from the promise of summer, this vibrant, jungle fuelled piece represents some of this exciting duo’s best work to date.

‘Ascension’ is an all-out atmospheric journey, driven by crisp drums and ethereal soundscapes. Ever progressing and developing harmonics blend effortlessly with the dreamy, echoing vocals – combining with a heavy sub bassline that sits just right.

The perfect way to start Summer 2022 – two slices of liquid joy that are perfect for headphones and dancefloors alike.

Today we premiere ‘Ascension’ which you can heck out below. The release drops on Friday 27th May, make sure you get your hands on a copy from here!

Ascension cover

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