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MC Texas drops his ‘Dedicated’ EP on AFT Records


MC Texas delivers his debut EP ‘Dedicated’ on AFT Records. He teaming up with some of the sharpest and most in-form producers in the game including Dutta, Ky, Oz and Tuskan.

MC Texas is a Drum & Bass MC who is known for his versatile skills on all types of D&B. He’s dedicated half his life to the craft of MCing. His expertise and services on the microphone have been called on by pretty much every big promoter in the game. He’s hosted across the board and experienced all the highs and lows that come hand in hand with chasing a dream. Never giving up and sacrificing, forever ‘Dedicated’ to Drum & Bass music.

The title track has been produced by one of the scenes hottest prospects. Ky rolls and winds hypnotically while Tex’s catchy flows gel with the beat as he shows personal vulnerability. He explains his own grind in the game, about family and friends and encourages you to keep your head above water in these tough times.

Tuskan has been making a name for himself since the well received ‘Bricks’ EP on AFT Records. He has laid down the cement once again with the tough stomper ‘Beat Em Up’ which Texas effortlessly throws lyrical blows over.

‘Hotboxed’ is a full vocal spin on the somewhat legendary ‘Hotbox’ by Dutta. It has been rinsed by pretty much every DJ and was originally released on Serum’s Souped Up label. Texas combines with the Ambush Family collective of Carasel, Kaydan and Akespeare in this full vocal onslaught. It’s the Ambush Family Tree!

Finally, wrapping up the EP is our premiere for today, ‘Midnight’. This one has perhaps the most space and dance floor infection of all the tracks. The super talented Oz, fresh from his debut album on CoLab drops this disgusting riddim track for Tex to flex on. This is a track that is suitable for play after the witching hour!

There are 2 videos forthcoming to go with ‘Hotboxed’ and ‘Beat Em Up’. We’ll embed them as soon as they’re released so come back here regularly to check them out!

Check out MC Texas Ft. Oz ‘Midnight’ below. The ‘Dedicated’ EP lands on AFT Records on 6th November, make sure you grab a copy from here


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