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MC Fokus and Dispatch Recordings remix competition


MC Fokus ‘Frequencies’ EP is a particularly standout moment in his career. This sees him take the reigns as the lead artist on an entire EP, which for an MC is hardly, if ever, done. MC Fokus and Ben Soundscape have known each other for around 15 years, so it makes complete sense that they would work together on the title track for this groundbreaking release. Ben was the first promoter to offer Fokus a true residency, and he continues to play at his night, the Bristol-based Intrigue, to this day. We’ve seen ‘Frequencies’ do some real damage on the dancefloor – the beat just rolls out, and he deliberately kept the vocal quite short and catchy. Also featured on the track is Roy Green & Protone.

“It’s been nine years since my first release on Dispatch Recordings (‘Structure’ made with Skeptical). In that time I’ve featured on so many releases with some great producers (DLR, Homemade Weapons, Black Barrel, Dub Head, Tephra & Arkoze, Bredren). I have built a back catalogue of music that I’m incredibly proud of. It’s with great pleasure that I can now present my own project – the ‘Frequencies’ EP.

This is the culmination of over two years of work – what started as a collaboration with Test Switch has grown to become a varied collection of tracks featuring some of my close friends and allies within the scene. The title track ‘Frequencies’ is a particularly poignant moment as I have known Ben for nearly 15 years. He was the first promoter to offer me a proper residency, and I continue to play at his night – the Bristol-based ‘Intrigue’ – to this day.

This EP has allowed me to showcase my versatility as an artist. I’ve balanced the more aggressive lyrical styles (something for the heads that like to hear an MC spit!) with the catchy dance loor rollers and some laid back, conscious grooves. Whatever you are into, I’d like to think you will find it here.

‘Frequencies’ is also a pivotal moment in my career as, for the first time, I am the lead artist as opposed to a “feature”. This scene can sometimes undervalue the role of the MC, and I think it’s critical that we are recognised as artists within our own rights.

However, I am completely aware that without the hard work of the producers involved, there would be no music. I cannot make tracks on my own; I do not claim to be a producer. It’s a team effort, and I only work with people that I get along with, where there is mutual respect. I am super grateful to all of the guys for the beats they’ve made.

Enjoy the tracks. The next batch of ammo is already in the chamber, got to keep things moving forward!’” – Fokus

For these reasons, Dispatch and MC Fokus agreed the title track ‘Frequencies’ would lend itself well to being remixed. They’ve provided a basic sample pack and what they’d like to hear from the competition is someone getting really creative and putting their own stamp on the track.

Producers, you need switch up the beats, twist up the bass and use the vocal to its full impact.

The team are really excited and can’t wait to hear the competition entries. A huge shout to everyone buying the EP and to all of the producers taking time to create their own version. The team at Dispatch are offering an incredible prize, so it’s well worth getting involved.

Enjoy the music and good luck!

Competition Rules:

  • To enter the remix comp the full EP must be purchased via either the Bandcamp / Website. Stems will be then made available as a bonus download item.
  • Stems are only to be used for this competition, no other use is permissible. These are not to be used in any other work.

What you can win:

The winning remix entrant (which will be agreed upon by MC Fokus, Ben Soundscape and Ant TC1) will win:
  • a paid remix fee along with the remix featuring on a future Dispatch label release (exact details of release are TBC and to be decided upon by the label solely and completely)
  • a free merchandise item of choice from the Dispatch website / Bandcamp (selected item based on item and size availability), including free postage
  • 3 guest list passes for any future Dispatch Recordings event (date and location to be selected by the winning entrant).

The ‘Frequencies’ EP also features 4 other tracks ‘Water Tight’ features Test Switch. DBR UK and Structured, feature on ‘Bloodwater VIP’. Tephra & Arkoze are enlisted for ‘Pitch Black’ and Paolo, Hillzy and Tephra & Arkoze complete the list of talent on ‘Mantra’.

MC Fokus ‘Frequencies’ EP drops today. Check out our premiere of ‘Frequencies’ ft Ben Soundscape and Roy Green & Protone below and grab the EP from here


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