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MC collective Semper Fye drops 2nd single


On 25th September, American MC collective Semper Fye drops its second single, ‘The Beast’. It features Valiant Emcee, MC Woes, Diligent Fingers and Section, and comes via Scale Step Recordings.

Semper Fye member Valiant Emcee, is an American expat in Canada. This was originally intended to be a collaboration with Section and Diligent Fingers for a completely different project. But it wasn’t truly finished until LA-based MC Dre invited Valiant to be a part of the USA edition of MC Bellyman’s popular “Car Barz” series. Bringing him together with Dre, and other luminaries Armanni Reign, T.R.A.C., MC Dre, Astro, Josiah Scribes, Zezo, and MC Woes, that episode garnered hundreds of thousands of views. More importantly, it gave rise to Semper Fye.

“Section created a fantastic skanky dance floor sizzler, and Diligent Fingers sent me a really deadly hook. When Woes did his Car Barz verse, I knew he was the missing ingredient we needed. One of Semper Fye’s goals was for every member to bring potential collaborations to the table, and Woes and I agreed ‘The Beast’ would make a fitting follow up to ‘Fired Up’, Semper Fye’s debut release.” – Valiant Emcee

Keeping it a family affair, Valiant decided Woes’ upstart label, Scale Step, would be the best home for the track.

‘The Beast’ opens with an up-and-down synth line punctuated by a kick and rim-click driven dancehall rhythm. Manifesting the titular Beast is a smooth but lethal eight-bar hook from Diligent Fingers. Then the bass drops, and Valiant comes in with the first of his two, vitriolic verses, lyrically inspired by aspects of the music industry that hold artists back. Book ended between them is a ferocious tear from Woes, showcasing his razor sharp verbal dexterity.

“I hold Diligent Fingers and Woes in such high regard as lyricists, and Section tunes are so damn good. So, I’m really honored to share this tune with them.”Valiant Emcee

I’m really excited to be sharing this track with you all today. Combining some of the best MC’s from both sides of the Atlantic and a Jungle Drum & Bass stalwart, ‘The Beast’ is an incredible collaborative effort.

Check out ‘The Beast’ below! The single drops on 25th September so make sure you grab it from here


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