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Martyn Nytram lands ‘Forever / Step By Step’ on Addictive Behaviour


Kicking off 2024 with a bang, Addictive Behaviour is thrilled to unveil a sizzling new single from the Essex-based beatsmith, Martyn Nytram, ‘Forever / Stpe By Step’.

For those in the know within the underground music circuit, Martyn Nytram needs little introduction. With a string of early hits on revered labels like Peer Pressure, Mac 2 Digital, and AutomAte, Martyn has steadily built a reputation for crafting intricate and emotive Drum & Bass tunes. In recent times, his sonic explorations have graced the catalogs of heavy-hitters such as Dread, ProgRAM, and Rebel Music, not forgetting the imprint of his own creation, Hardpoint Recordings. It’s a real coup for the crew at Addictive Behaviour to welcome Martyn and his deep, atmospheric soundscapes to their ever-evolving roster.

Diving into his latest offering for Addictive, ‘Forever’ is a masterclass in tension and release. It kicks off with an uplifting vocal hook that gradually ramps up the anticipation. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on it, Martyn flips the script, unleashing a barrage of gritty reese basslines and frenetic hardstep breaks. The juxtaposition of menacing low-end growls and shimmering vocals creates a dynamic and electrifying track that’s tailor-made for peak-time dancefloor moments.

Flipping over to the B-side, ‘Step by Step’ takes listeners on a deeper, more introspective journey. Anchored by a haunting vocal, the track envelops you in a blanket of sub-bass frequencies that resonate deep within your core. Martyn’s meticulous attention to detail shines through in his crisp, clean break work, adding layers of complexity and depth to the composition. Picture yourself lost in the music, hoods up, heads down, immersed in the gritty, atmospheric ambiance of a dimly lit basement at the witching hour – that’s the vibe ‘Step by Step’ encapsulates so effortlessly.

As we usher in another exciting year, Addictive Behaviour remains committed to bringing you the freshest and most innovative sounds from the Drum & Bass universe. With Martyn Nytram’s stellar new single leading the charge, there’s no better time to get acquainted with the cutting-edge beats and basslines Addictive Behaviour have in store. Don’t sleep on this – the future of D&B is here, and it’s sounding better than ever!

Today we premiere ‘Forever’ which you can check out below. The single drops this Friday 29th March exclusively on Beatport and will be available everywhere else on Friday 12th April. Grab a copy here!

Forever cover

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