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Manifest drops ‘The Basement / Phoenix Rising’


Manifest, the head of Deception Recordings, presents a pair of deep, minimal, and tech-infused Drum & Bass tracks, ‘The Basement’ and ‘Phoenix Rising’. One of the tracks is a collaboration with the seasoned Voice MC. As the label’s founder, Manifest’s production aligns seamlessly with the dark and gritty sonic identity that Deception Recordings has embodied from its very beginning. His recent contributions maintain this sonic integrity. Likewise, the expectation for the MC, known for previous collaborations with industry legends like Brockie, Bryan Gee, Fabio, and Grooverider, is not only met but exceeded, showcasing substantial vocal talent.

The two-track release begins with ‘The Basement’, featuring Voice MC, an anthem paying homage to the underground basement raves that serve as the cornerstone and essence of the genre. Voice MC’s seamless delivery captures the vibe of these dimly lit, low-ceiling spaces resonating with a booming sound system. Despite the vocals paired with an instrumental as intense as the subject matter, the elements harmonise effortlessly, much like a well-orchestrated rave. The track incorporates steppy drums, resonant basslines, and creatively manipulated vocal chops, crafting a raw minimal tune tailored for the club environment.

Following this is ‘Phoenix Rising’, an instrumental track heavily influenced by the dystopian Drum & Bass prevalent in the early 2000s, a signature style in Manifest’s production repertoire. Chromatic chord progressions carried by rich pads, ethereal vocals, and textured percussion set the stage for a crescendo defined by robust, syncopated snares, impactful kicks, and a dynamic call-and-response bass pattern. Just like a phoenix, the techstep sound of the ’90s and 2000s is reborn, this time in a contemporary manifestation.

Today we premiere ‘The Basement’ feat Voice MC which you can check out below. The tracks drop on Monday 13th November, you can grab a copy here!


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