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Mampi Swift prepares to unleash his ‘Victory Rose’ LP


The very definition of a legend, Mampi Swift has been involved in the drum & bass scene since the early ’90s. It was in 1990 that Swift started DJing and found himself behind the counter of Lucky Spin records. With access to the studio next door and an in-house engineer, Swift jumped at the valuable opportunity to start learning how to produce. Releases soon started filtering out with labels like Suburban Base, True Playaz, Trouble On Vinyl and Frontline all taking tracks.

In the DJ booth, Mampi is a force to be reckoned with and it’s arguably where he feels most at home. A pioneer of the double drop style of DJing his unmistakable presence behind the decks has formed the backbone of many a line up from the UK to the States and everywhere in between. A true originator he has influenced and shaped the scene like few others.

Over the last decade, Mampi Swift has kept his head firmly down, dedicating his time to creating ‘Victory Rose’, an album born out of blood, sweat and tears and a true reflection of his journey up until this point. This masterpiece is nothing short of genius, a collection probably sent from the Gods. With bated breath, his global fan base have been waiting patiently for the release of Mampi’s latest album for some time now – but as we all know only too well, when it comes to his own creations, Mampi is a serious perfectionist. Every single track packs a powerful punch and catapults you on a euphoric, sonic voyage through his life, mind and soul.

Most importantly to Swift, this album also shows a deep-rooted dedication and passion for his fans, as well as a love for this game that he knows like the back of his hand. If you can’t imagine something that powerful being created, just sit down and listen – let the music do the talking. ‘Victory Rose’ Chapter 1 drops on 27th December on Charge Recordings and we can’t wait!

We have the absolute privilege today to bring you the debut of ‘Soul’ which has been given a remix by A.M.C! Loads of old skool vibes and a heavy bassline this track is full of energy from the off and is crying out to be listened to with your speakers up full whack! Check it out below and make sure you pre-order the ‘Victory Rose’ album from here

Merry Christmas to us all!!


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