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Malux returns to Evolution Chamber with ‘Mammoth’


Established back in 2019 by the collaborative efforts of artists Magnetude, Receptor, and Task Horizon, Evolution Chamber has emerged as a haven for like-minded creatives seeking to push the boundaries of music. As an ever-growing beacon for innovative and forward-thinking artists, the label proudly welcomes the return of UK-based talent, Malux. Malux joins them with a heavy summer slammer called ‘Mammoth’!

Malux, also known as Skope, stands out as a visionary Drum & Bass artist celebrated for his groundbreaking productions and meticulous sound design. His discography boasts an impressive array of releases on renowned labels like Blackout, Eatbrain, Vision, and Bad Taste, cementing his position as a formidable force in the electronic music scene. With a dedicated global following, Malux’s ability to seamlessly blend complex soundscapes with relentless energy has captivated audiences far and wide.

Returning to Evolution Chamber after the success of previous releases like ‘Ghost Train’ (featuring Hijak MC) and ‘Jericho’, Malux unveils his latest creation, the single ‘Mammoth’, which showcases his signature sound and boundary-pushing production.

In ‘Mammoth’, Malux’s creative prowess takes center stage, revealing an extraordinary attention to detail. The track’s clean and polished production transports listeners to a sonic realm where the lines between reality and imagination blur. The modulated foghorn, reminiscent of ancient calls, conjures an otherworldly atmosphere, while the dynamic drum patterns propel the composition forward with unrelenting force.

Ultimately, ‘Mammoth’ serves as a testament to Malux’s ability to craft an immersive sonic experience that resonates deeply with audiences, providing an unforgettable journey that leaves listeners yearning for more.

Check out our premiere below! The single drops this Friday 4th August, grab a copy here!

Mammoth cover

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