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Magnetude drop ‘Hidden Deep’ on Neuropunk Records


The “Kings of Neuro” (in my humble opinion) Magnetude drop another absolute belter in the form of ‘Hidden Deep’ on Neuropunk Records this Friday 8th April.

“Captain’s Log number 6-1-2, we are now on day 3 of our deep-sea expedition and we still haven’t arrived at our destination yet. We knew what we signed up for though, we all knew that finding the lost city of Atlantis won’t be child’s play. The species of fish are getting stranger by the day, but other than that, the sea seems to be stable for now. I feel like we’re getting closer though”.


“What was that?!”, the captain exclaimed. Everyone froze and the ship became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Suddenly, a powerful vortex formed out of seemingly nowhere and started pulling the crew’s vessel in all kinds of directions.

“Hold on to your seats!”, the captain managed to blurt out as the submarine was flipped on its head over and over again. With each additional forceful spin, the vessel was torn into worse and worse shape, eventually even losing its main power. Considering the crew was currently navigating at depths no human has ever traversed before, as far as they knew at least, it’s not hard to imagine that it got real dark, real quickly, even with the emergency light sources on. After what felt like an eternity for the crew, the vortex dissipated as quickly as it formed.

While the team was still gathering themselves and trying to get the ship back under their control, the captain spotted something in the corner of his eye. Could it be? “Look outside!”, he almost shouted out of pure excitement. With a flabbergasted look on each and every one of their faces, the crew now looked at the statue that their emergency lights had just illuminated.

However, before the team could gather their thoughts, a deep, otherworldly growl shook each crewmate to their core. Hidden by the smoke the vortex created, a sheer gargantuan mouth with razor-sharp teeth, each the size of a grown adult, slowly emerged around the figure. In a blink of an eye, it bolted towards the submarine and tore it to pieces with a single, incredibly forceful bite. The monster was whipped into a frenzy, taking bite after bite after bite out of the vessel until the only thing left from it were literal shreds. Once everything calmed down, the heavily agitated monster sunk back into its original position, waiting for the next oblivious adventurers.

And that short, terrifying, frenzied tale basically sums up Magnetude’s ‘Hidden Deep’ track! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself below and make sure you grab a copy for your arsenal from here!

Hidden Deep cover

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