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MAE917 self releases his new track ‘Signs’


Arturo Zamudio known professionally as MAE917 is a Mexican/American record producer, remixer, instrumentalist and DJ originating from El Paso,Texas. Growing up he found his love for unique electronic music with the likes of Aphex Twin and The Prodigy.

Though noting the breakthrough influential moment, it was actually Dubstep that sealed the deal for MAE917. Occuring after he experienced a killer headline set from Broken Note at a private underground party.

From that night MAE917 found himself in love with the wubby bass and high reverb snares. This powered him on to delve deeper into the network. He actively follows artists like Reso, Xilent, Rusko, Venetian Snare and Square-Pusher.

During the developing of his productions MAE917’s thirst for wildly diverse futurism led to his own creative stamp on experimental genres. Genres such as Liquid Drum & Bass, Down-Tempo, NeuroFunk and Trip-Hop. Currently surfing on his deep ethereal music wave MAE917 combines the energy of epic melodies with some seriously rude drum beats.

His latest offering is his incredible new track ‘Signs’. It encompasses jazzy notes and funky, liquid vibes along with an alluring vocal. The keys and orchestral elements really put this track near the top of my favourite liquid tunes of recent times. It’s uplifting, soulful and just perfect for an end of summer garden party with a few of your close mates.

Check out MAE917 ‘Signs’ below and make sure you grab it from here and presave it on Spotify here

Below is a walkthrough video on how MAE917 created this track. For more tutorials he has a YouTube channel to help producers. You can subscribe to it here


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