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Lynx3R & Fri3ndship collab for their glorious single ‘Lights’


Lynx3R, also known as Vlad Chernikov from Sofia, and Fri3ndship, an alias for Emma Friendship, a Brit based in Madrid, are gearing up to kick off new phases in their musical careers with their inaugural collaboration, ‘Lights’.

Recently spotlighted by BBC Introducing Solent, ‘Lights’ is just the beginning of what promises to be a fruitful partnership between the duo. The track was crafted by the relatively new talent, Lynx3R, who, despite his impressive sound precision and skill level, astonishingly ventured into music production only three years ago.

‘Lights’ is a dynamic Drum & Bass anthem that encapsulates the spirit of post-pandemic rave culture, making it perfect for both festival stages and high-intensity workout sessions.

Interestingly, the release date of ‘Lights’ on 12th April, coincides with the time Fri3ndship penned the song in April 2021. Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, Fri3ndship shares:

“To me, ‘Lights’ was like a spiritual calling… take me to the music. This is what music and writing lyrics mean to me—a primal instinct, beckoning from another realm. ‘Lights’ symbolizes the allure of dancing with friends, feeling interconnected, and revelling in the euphoria of a rhythm that compels you to move, momentarily escaping life’s distractions and worries. I was seated at my kitchen table, navigating the Covid restrictions still prevalent in Madrid, having relocated from the UK just six months earlier. The yearning to return to the dancefloor, to engage with ecstatic crowds, was intense. As I began to sing, the lyrics flowed effortlessly. I held onto the song for some time, and then, over two years later, Lynx breathed new life into it, turning it into an absolute hit!”

Lynx3R further comments:

“Our aim was to encapsulate the exhilaration and sense of liberation experienced amidst music and fellow ravers. ‘Lights’ serves as our EDM tribute to the joy found on the dance floor. We both particularly love the drop after 2:14—it’s irresistibly energetic!”

With ‘Lights’ hitting the airwaves on Friday, April 12th, the same day Fri3ndship takes the stage at Prague’s iconic Cross Club, the duo delivers a euphoric anthem celebrating the magnetic pull of music within the rave community. They invite listeners to join them on a musical journey to the dance floor, where they can immerse themselves in the infectious rhythm and vibrant energy of their music.

Check out our premiere of ‘Lights’ below, the single drops on Friday 12th April, you can grab yourself a copy from here!

Lights cover

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