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LUX Music launches with their ‘Genesis’ EP


NOX Events has rapidly grown to become one of the most exciting and varied parties in the Netherlands. They are crafting a story with different characters and a festival that takes your mind to another planet! With the lights going dim on nightlife, more emphasis has shifted towards music, where LUX Music exemplifies a new dawn. 

LUX brings with it an extremely varied palette of sounds, crossing genres and styles. They still hold tight to the raw essence of electronic music and festival atmosphere that NOX has crafted so finely with the events. The ‘Genesis’ EP demonstrates this thought, creating something out of nothing, with a diverse arrangement of tracks and styles. 

Starting off calmly, ‘Lucent’ by Austrian based DubApe and his brother Vertex guides you away. This lush liquid Drum & Bass track is a wondrous adventure consisting of warm basslines, soothing melodies and hints of the unknown. It’s the perfect introduction to a relaxing day and essential if you want to take your mind off of everyday life. 

The second track on the ‘Genesis’ EP is called ‘Solar’, by D&B heavyweights Alora. Their first few releases have garnered massive support across the scene, with support by the likes of Andy C, Camo & Krooked, Dirtyphonics and many, many more. ‘Solar’ continues this story as an unapologetic dancefloor smasher, combining upbeat and melancholic melodies with crispy clean drums to create an air of excitement, invincibility and reminds us just what we love most about electronic music and festivals. 

Up next is Koarse to take it all up a notch. His track ‘Stortbak’ takes your expectations and flips them upside down. Eerie vocals, harsh drums, and rough basslines are what create this raw and industrial banger, giving you a raw, unadulterated experience of electronic music. 

To round everything off, newcomers Coldline make their debut with the track ‘Bacon’. This bassline track takes us back to the ’90s, a time where everything was simpler and raves were the staple of electronic music. Beeps, bloops and an essential “Go ham!” vocal set you up for the drop, where you, quite literally, want to go ham and lose your mind! Throughout the track, you will find yourself bouncing in your chair or dancing at any opportunity, secretly enjoying all the elements that take you back to more innocent times with a melody that just doesn’t let go of you. 

The ‘Genesis’ EP, a statement of intent by LUX, and a benchmark of future things to follow. Blurring the lines between styles and genres, everything comes together in the colourful reality of LUX.

Today we premiere DubApe and Vertex ‘Lucent’. Check it out below. The ‘Genesis’ EP drops via LUX on 18th December, you can grab it from here