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L0G1N drops his ‘Astray’ LP on Dutty Audio


Dutty Audio proudly celebrates its 50th release and present their first full artist album which comes in the form of LOG1N’s ‘Astray’.

The London-based label founded by Brazilian artist Vinicius Honorio aka BTK has been spawning Drum & Bass history for over 10 years. The imprint has released music from established artists such as Audio, Maldini (Bad Company), Maztek, Mefjus, Nymfo, Optical and Optiv (RIP). The label has also helped to bring a lot of fresh talent into the scene such as Teddy Killerz, Gydra, Black Barrel, and Chromatic.

Featuring the winner of last year’s ‘40 Channels of Funk’ remix competition, French-born LOG1N is surely one to watch. Always trying to improve his techniques, merging his influences with his very own sonic universe, funky breaks and driving basslines are his signature sound.

LOG1N’s ‘Astray’ is a testament to the artist’s devotion to the Drum & Bass sound, whilst trying to take the audience on a meaningful journey and telling his own story through sound.

Born in 1980, Vincent Gascoin aka L0G1N, grew up listening to a lot of soul and rock music. At the age of 14, he began his musical education by learning the drums. His love for electronic music began with a friend from high school when they decided to throw money into the pot and purchase a Supernova, a Groovebox and a Sampler and teamed up to perform local gigs, their music ever-shifting towards big beat, Jungle and Drum & Bass.

As life went on, L0G1N, graduated from musical school, started playing regularly in the local big band, learned the bass and found numerous acts to play with throughout his life, including funk, rock, metal, hip hop and reggae bands as a drummer or bass player.

A few years later he began trying to fuse jazz, funk and world music influences with electronic rhythms, then he became obsessed with Drum & Bass sound design and mixing, and settled with a Linux environment, which makes him a bit of a nerd even in the producers’ community. Rolling basses and funky breaks are the driving force behind his music.

Regular readers and followers of our Soundcloud channel may remember we had a mix done for Renegade Riddims by L0G1N which has so far garnered 1400 plays and rising! If you haven’t check the mix our yet then you an access it here. It’s an hour of wicked Drum & Bass, expertly crafted and blended and contains some great selections!

For today though we present you with our choice of track from L0G1N’s new album. We’ve gone with ‘F The Nation’ which is absolutely phenomenal. Fast rolling drums kick it off before jazzy notes come through. As the track progresses more layers come through and the wubby bassline builds. This is the sort of track that would make me lose my shit at a rave and dance like a mad thing!

Check out L0G1N ‘F The Nation’ below. He drops his ‘Astray’ album on Dutty Audio this Friday 3rd September. Do yourself a favour and make sure you grab a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!