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Kuttin Edge drops new mixtape ‘No Plot, Just Vibes’


Drum & Bass producer Kuttin Edge is gearing up to release a new mixtape called ‘No Plot, Just Vibes’ which drops today (Wednesday 29th May). This album is a showcase of his evolution over the past three years, featuring a mix of brand new tracks and some fan-favorite gems from as far back as 2021. It’s designed to take listeners on a journey through smooth, melodic, and lighter vibes that truly reflect his unique style.

Based in Hamburg, Kuttin Edge has already made quite a name for himself with six EPs and accolades from Drum & Bass legends like Doc Scott and Krust. Now, he’s stepping up with his first full-length project, offering fans a more comprehensive look at his musical prowess.

‘No Plot, Just Vibes’ includes 12 tracks that are both warm and playful, perfectly capturing the retro-futuristic blends Kuttin Edge is known for. The mixtape seamlessly oscillates between ’70s and ’80s inspired textures, bringing to mind artists like Mndsgn, Kaytranada, and Sam Gellaitry, all while laying down thick Drum & Bass beats that keep the energy high.

“The title of the album came about because I spend most of my time doing conceptual work, and with music I try to get free of it, try to be explorative and not think too much about frames, and I really enjoy art as a compensation for my job. So ‘No plot, just vibes’ essentially is just that—me trying to stay away from having too much of a concept, but instead just focusing on a good feeling, on emotions, on something that you can listen to either in one go or individually in any kind of circumstance. It’s still danceable for sure, but it’s not fulfilling a purpose, like a DJ purpose or anything. You could argue, of course, that by doing that, it’s already a concept again, but yeah, I kind of just tried to select a couple of tracks that fit well together, make up a good mixtape without thinking too much about it.”

This mixtape also marks a significant milestone as it debuts on his own label, Krunchtime Records. Originally launched as a radio show in 1997, Krunchtime has since grown into a multifaceted brand encompassing events, podcasts, streetwear, and design. By establishing Krunchtime as a record label, Kuttin Edge is now able to contribute more substantially to the music scene, offering a cohesive body of work that truly represents his artistic vision.

“As for the label, hopefully, it gives me the freedom to release stuff that’s a bit outside of the norm further down the line. The quirky, oddball stuff. DNB has become so serious, so formalistic and efficiency-driven. The moment you step outside the EDM Kickroll formula, you become a risk. Labels gonna reject. But I want to be able to play around with any idea that comes to mind, and I like to do that even more so moving forward.”

In ‘No Plot, Just Vibes’, listeners will find an array of tracks that not only highlight Kuttin Edge’s technical skills but also his ability to craft immersive, feel-good music. From the intricate beat patterns to the lush, nostalgic melodies, this mixtape is a testament to his growth as an artist and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of Drum & Bass.

So get ready to dive into ‘No Plot, Just Vibes’ and join Kuttin Edge in celebrating this beautiful release and experience the innovative sounds that are set to make waves in the Drum & Bass community. This is one journey you won’t want to miss.

Earlier this month we premiered ‘Flicker & Flash’ which you can check out below. The mixtape is out now and available for you to get your hands on here!

No Plot, Just Vibes cover

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