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Kusp drops ‘Eldorado’ on The Sauce Recordings


The wizards at The Sauce Recordings have been busy sourcing the finest local fresh flavours. They’re proud to introduce Kusp as the first new artist to feature on The Sauce Recordings imprint with 2 new tracks ‘One Question’ and ‘Eldorado’.

DLR, Spinback (Total Science) and Hydro have been super busy cooking up some sauciness for your platter. Each of them brings their own distinctive styles and tastes to the table along with an incredible combined wealth of culinary experience. The Sauce is here to spice up your dance! A firm favourite, this uniquely distinctive flavour is the result of years of dedication to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and using closely guarded secret recipes. Developed in Bristol and flavoured by this city’s musical heritage, The Sauce is a tasty balance of fun, energy and character, drippin’ bass all over the place.

Kusp hails from the South Coast but is currently Bristol based. He first came to the attention of The Sauce with his eclectic debut, ‘Arashi’ album for Lynx‘s Detail Recordings. Recently he dropped a monster collab with Lynx, ‘Rap Dude’ was released on Serum‘s Souped Up Records and has been really well received. So that brings us pretty much up to date and now ready for his forthcoming release for The Sauce Recordings. ‘One Question’ and ‘Eldorado’ will be the fifth release on the label but the very first outing for a brand new artist, a very prestigious move…those are some big bottles to try and fill!

Kusp has been cooking up some seriously saucy selections and the first tasty servings are these two nuggets. ‘One Question’ does the damage to a dance… rugged drums, big boy wobbles and more bleeps than an N.W.A radio version. On the flip side is, ‘Eldorado’ which is an equally warm and wobbly affair, definitively Bristol, funky and fresh. Drippin’ just the way we like it!

Today we premiere ‘Eldorado’ which you can check out below. The 2 tracks dropped today and are available for you to grab via the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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