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Kray lands on RawSynth Recordings with ‘Trance’ EP


RawSynth Recordings are proud to present Kian Chong aka Kray, who has fabricated a monumental two track EP, titled ‘Trance’. Kray, was born and raised within Hong Kong, where he was soon captivated by the underground scene of electronic music. It wasn’t long before Kray was immersed in music production and with four years of experience quickly behind him, the path of Drum & Bass was now ahead.

The 24-year-old has been perfecting his craft within the Drum & Bass scene for 3 years, whilst showing off his skills at reputable labels and locations along the way. Kray has performed on numerous stages, including festivals held within the Gobi Desert and the prestigious Lantern club of Beijing, hence manifesting the ability this man has to put on a show.

Kray is now living in London, a heritage site of the underground Drum & Bass scene; it is from here that he brings his combination of musical flavours from across the world to give rise to his latest EP. The first track, titled ‘Trance’ is a half-time masterpiece with a heavy bassline, whereas the second track, titled ‘Hypnosis’, brings a melodic feel to a deep Kray classic.

Despite his low profile, Kray has been making swift and bold statements in the underground dance scene. Whether it be his idiosyncratic productions, ranging from footwork to dance-floor belters, or his thrilling live performances, Kray knows how to captivate listeners and excite a crowd.

Constantly pushing his sound forward, he has already seen releases on established labels such as Shoot, Unchained and Eloisa. His latest debut EP, ‘The Peak’, on Eloisa has him returning to his liquid roots but with the future in mind. With premieres on Skankandbass, Liquiddnbftw, Ledge Sounds and DNB Dojo and names like High Contrast, Lens, A. Fruit and more supporting his catalogue, Kray is on the ascent. Expect much more to come in the near future!

Today we premiere ‘Trance’ which you can check out below. The EP of the same name drops on RawSynth Recordings on 27th August and is available for you to get your hands via the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!