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Kravitz joins Koba Audio with ‘Rise Up’


Get ready to tear up the dancefloor because Kravitz, the badboy producer known for his signature style that blends gritty beats with infectious melodies, is about to drop his latest Drum & Bass banger, ‘Rise Up’, on Koba Audio. But this isn’t just your average Drum & Bass track; it’s a full-throttle anthem guaranteed to set any club or rave on fire.

‘Rise Up’ kicks off with a bang as Kravitz, hailing from the underground scene of bass-heavy music, serves up an infectious hook that’ll have you humming along for days. And once those heavy two-step drums kick in, it’s game over – you won’t be able to resist nodding your head to the beat.

But wait, there’s more! Koba Audio’s head honcho, Conrad Subs, steps up to the plate with a killer remix that takes ‘Rise Up’ to a whole new level. Subs, a seasoned producer and DJ revered for his intricate productions and energetic live performances, dives deep into a whirlwind of Breakbeat, Jungle and Drum & Bass, tearing the original track apart and piecing it back together into a ferocious remix. Get ready for some seriously sharp snares and basslines that’ll rattle your bones. It’s a masterclass in reinterpretation, guaranteed to satisfy even the most die-hard bassheads on the dancefloor.

Check out our premiere of Kravitz ‘Rise Up’ (Conrad Subs remix) below. The release drops on Wednesday 28th February, make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Rise Up cover

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