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KonSoul release first single on Symmetry Recordings


As you may know, we at data transmission are massive champions of up and coming DJs and Producers. We spend hours and hours trawling the internet searching for new sounds to share with you. Sometimes we are helped along the way and are pointed to artists by some of our friends. That’s exactly what has happened with today’s premiere. KonSoul have been brought to our attention for very good reason. They are a breath of fresh air in the D&B scene.

KonSoul is a new group comprised of drummer/producer Tom Derryman, bass player/musician David Spicer and singer/songwriter Sarah Binney. They combine their eclectic experience to deliver the rarely heard sound in DnB of live musicians jamming.

They collectively began a studio writing project at Spicer’s Devon-based Osmosis studios. It was here they began recording their own drum breaks. They went on to lay down dubby basslines and combined this with Sarah’s unique vocal talents. Resulting in beautiful music!

Drawing from their funk, soul and dub influences, these recordings of live takes fused together. Using modern DnB production techniques this has grown into the sound we hear on this first single.

KonSoul bring a pleasingly alternative angle to the Symmetry Recordings catalogue with their debut single ‘Circular’/ ‘The Automatic’. It drops on 28th June.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our premiere of KonSoul ‘Circular’ below and keep your eyes and ears open! If you’re feeling it you can grab a copy of their debut single here