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Kolectiv’s ‘Give Nothing’ gets a mammoth remix EP


After the huge success of the Native Instruments ‘Give Nothing’ EP remix competition and the original gaining massive support from the likes of Drum&BassArena and BBC Radio 1, Rebel Music are back with 7 choice cuts of this label classic.

Kolectiv and Rebel Music have roped in the remixing skills of a select group of artists including newcomer to scene, Insacred. Insacred is a young guy from Germany who answered the call to remix Kolectiv’s ‘Give Nothing’ in a competition that Rebel Music ran with Native Instruments. He was one of the winners from the competition and one of the prizes was to be included on the release, if the label felt the track was strong enough. Obviously, he smashed it to pieces or I wouldn’t be writing this now!

“He absolutely nailed it and was my pick of the competition winners along with Kolectiv. His remix really pushed the envelope and took the track into a completely different dimension. The 2nd movement was a real highlight and immediately caught our attention.” – Rebel Music head honcho OB1

The remix EP covers a variety of styles ranging from Drum & Bass to Techno, and even a slice of Jazz. The quality of the remixes really pushed the boundaries of the track beyond normal limits. With features from high flying Wingz and Kolectiv‘s very special ‘Nothing To Lose’ remix, this extended player really has something for everyone.

Today we premiere Insacred‘s contribution to the EP. It starts out much like the original…it’s when you get to around 2 minutes into the track that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, changes! It becomes faster, heavier and darker. It also tips the scales at a massive 8 minutes and 30 seconds long and when you listen to it even that doesn’t feel long enough, you just want it to go on and on!

There’s not much else I can tell you about Insacred, but if this remix is anything to go then he has a big future ahead of him!

Check out Insacred’s remix of ‘Give Nothing’ below. The EP drops on 30th November, if you do one thing this payday make sure it’s that you get yourself a copy!! (purchase link to follow)


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