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Kolectiv drop ‘Hollow Point’ EP on C.I.A Records


C.I.A Records welcomes the innovative talents of London based duo Kolectiv to the fold with a wicked new EP. With previous releases on worthy labels such as Rebel Music and appearances at events across the UK, Kolectiv continue to rise up and have stacked a few tunes in the form of their ‘Hollow Point’ EP.

The EP boasts five tracks with guest features including Creatures, Extraction and Yung E. First up, ‘Hold It Down’ with Creatures featuring Extraction offers up a solid vibe with whimsical and warm frequencies. For a contrasting feel, Kolectiv gives us a little glimpse into the making of the dark and brooding ‘Platoon’ with Yung E. featuring Kalm.

“Yung E introduced us to a synth that day, which he brought with him, the MFB Dominion. We came up with our own interpretation to what we feel was peak 1999/2000 style DnB and that’s ‘Platoon’–which we named after the movie, but didn’t actually sample.”

With an intro that starts off on the mysterious tip, the title track and our premiere today ‘Hollow Point’ shines with a rudeboy aesthetic, knocking drums and roller of a bassline. Coming to you on 31st January this EP is a real testament to the strides Kolectiv are making in becoming a formidable force!

Check out ‘Hollow Point’ below and make sure you grab the EP from here when it drops on C.I.A Records on Friday!


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