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Koax drops ‘Control / Slope’ on Subconscious Audio


Making his solo debut on Subconscious AudioKoax is not messing around. His new 2 tracker entitled ‘Control / Slope’ will no doubt leave listeners catching flies…

Koax AKA Chris Rudge has been musically driven for much of his life. Beginning with orchestral brass instruments and progressing to lead guitar in 2000 with top Bristol death metal band ColdOldYou, He knew what he wanted to do with his vision of sounds but lacked a true output for his concepts.
That was until he discovered the like of Noisia and Mefjus, which translated well from the heavy complex rhythms he was used to with death metal. After some years of taste refining, he has found himself wedged between minimal and neuro styles.

Back to this release then, ‘Control’ is a dark skanker dropping into a minimal rhythm as the opener to the release, peppered with neuro basses and gnarly sub-lines to rattle ribs in the dance.

’Slope’ brings the tranquil detuned pads and distant stabs with harmonic layers with no shortage of crisp drums and ethereal atmospheres all accompanied by beefy subs to wrap the release up nicely – all the textures we love and crave!

With previous releases on Lifestyle Music, Cyberfunk, Boey Audio and several other imprints spanning the last 2 years, Koax has plenty forthcoming throughout the rest of 2021…so keep ’em peeled!

Today we premiere ‘Control’ which is below for you to check out. The release drops via Subconscious Audio on 24th September and is available for you to grab from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!

Control / Slope art

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