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Klesha debuts on Addictive Behaviour with ‘Tunnel Vision / Roll With You’


Addictive Behaviour is in full swing with its 2023 revival, and this time, it’s introducing an exciting new talent to the scene. Hailing from the musical hotbed of Hertfordshire, Klesha has been meticulously honing his craft in the studio for several years. Drawing inspiration from decades of Drum & Bass appreciation, possessing the innate rhythm of a seasoned drummer, and a keen ear for soulful elements. We proudly present Klesha’s debut single on Addictive Behaviour ‘Tunnel Vision / Roll With You’.

The journey commences with ‘Tunnel Vision’, a track that masterfully builds tension through a mesmerizing intro, only to unleash an onslaught of pounding kicks and a pulsating bassline that will undoubtedly rattle your speakers. This sonic adventure is enriched with grimey low-end modulations and intricate drum patterns, offering a weighty sonic experience that seamlessly weaves elements of jazz and rave into a rich and vibrant musical tapestry.

But Klesha’s sonic prowess doesn’t stop there. ‘Roll With You’ serves as a testament to his ability to juxtapose soulful samples with the raw energy of drum & bass. The composition is stark yet compelling, with an infectious vocal hook layered over a robust foundation of beats and bass. It’s a modern techstep masterpiece, skillfully interwoven with lyrical expression that adds a unique dimension to the track.

This debut is more than just a musical offering; it’s a powerful statement of intent from a producer who is poised to make a significant impact on the scene. Moreover, it marks a triumphant return for Addictive Behaviour, a label that’s back with a vengeance, setting its sights firmly on the pulsating heart of the dancefloor. As the year unfolds, expect more exciting releases from both Klesha and the label, as they continue to push the boundaries of Drum & Bass.

Check out our premiere of ‘Tunnel Vision’ below. The release drops exclusively on Beatport on 11th September and will be available everywhere else on 25th September. Grab a copy here!

'Tunnel Vision / Roll With You' cover

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