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Kidsonic debuts on Calibrate Records with ‘Slide / Icicles’


For their 13th release, Calibrate Records welcomes a new addition to their roster. The latest single, ‘Slide / Icicles’, is proudly presented by none other than Kidsonic, an accomplished producer with a distinguished discography that includes notable labels such as Modular Carnage, Four Corners, and Impact Music, among others. Kidsonic showcases his full range of sonic expertise in these two tracks, demonstrating impeccable production skills and an abundance of creativity, especially in the intricate nuances.

The journey begins with ‘Slide’, a track enveloped in eerie, haunting atmospheres that gradually build tension as it progresses towards the climactic drop. The drop introduces a masterful fusion of crisp, clean drums, relentless sub-bass, and gritty bass work that intricately weaves in and out of the percussion. ‘Slide’ stands as the perfect weapon for any DJ seeking to elevate their minimal and rolling sets.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor is ‘Icicles’. The track sets the stage with deep, haunting pads that create an evocative ambience, setting the scene for the impending energy surge. ‘Icicles’ ignites with rolling yet punchy drum work, a rich and gliding bassline, and an array of captivating auditory elements that seamlessly tie everything together without overwhelming the listener. Kidsonic’s unique touch shines through, making ‘Icicles’ a formidable addition to the single, sure to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Today we premiere ‘Icicles’ which you can check out below. The single dropped on Beatport and Spotify on Friday 27th October and will be available on all other platforms this Friday 10th November. Grab a copy here!

Slide / Icicles cover

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