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Kevala debuts on Phase Records with his ‘Losing’ EP


Phase Records DNB proudly presents its 10th release, featuring the exceptionally talented Lisbon-based artist, Kevala, and his EP titled ‘Losing.’

Rik Casado, known by his artist name Kevala, is a rapidly emerging producer within the Drum & Bass scene. His musical creations are a testament to his diverse influences, drawing inspiration from a myriad of musical genres. This eclectic blend of influences results in a listening experience that spans a broad spectrum.

Kevala’s music takes listeners on a captivating journey, ranging from dark and introspective, melancholic vibes to mind-bending neuro madness and everything in between. What ties his music together is the mesmerizing drum breaks that weave a continuous narrative, keeping the audience engaged from the opening notes to the final beats.

With his three-track EP ‘Losing,’ Kevala makes his debut on Phase Records DNB. Each track in this EP is more than just music; it’s a personal story that invites listeners and ravers alike to embark on an emotional voyage. Along this journey, prepare to have your minds blown by the sonic landscapes he meticulously crafts.

‘Losing’ not only explores profound cathartic themes but also guarantees a certified rave experience. To add even more excitement to this release, Kevala collaborates with none other than Phase Records DNB’s head honcho, Gifta, for the title track of the EP.

So, brace yourself for an EP that’s not just music but an immersive adventure into the world of Kevala. Phase Records DNB continues to push boundaries, and this release is yet another testament to their commitment to cutting-edge Drum & Bass.

Today we premiere ‘Mission’ which you can check out below. The ‘Losing’ EP drops this Friday 13th October, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Losing EP cover

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