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Kelayx & Stimpy link up on ‘Champions/No Stand Here’


With a gut-punch growl,  the dark minimal sound of Identity Records kicks in the New Year with a bang! Refusing to hold anything back, the first release of the year firmly cements this legacy hellbent on pushing the underground to its limits. Between the overwhelming pressure of the subs to the sheer white hot crunch of the snares,  Kelayx and Stimpy have crafted two ice hot numbers, ‘Champions/No Stand Here’.  Bringing out every piece of weaponry imaginable, these two mean serious business!

Opening with a steadily climbing beat and immense atmospherics that build to a deafening pitch, ‘Champions’ rolls out the toughest combination of rhythm and razor-sharp sound you’ve ever heard. Hitting with the force of a juggernaut, the drop forces each layer to surge forward and create a giant wall of sound that threatens to demolish everything in its path. Yet there are moments of restraint, highlighting the deep richness of the synth melody; something which only further amplifies the aggressive force that drives it.

‘No Stand Here’ takes a dive straight into the darkest wormhole it can find. The thick chop of the snare, grinding bassline, and looped samples collide to form a sinister vibe that is as relentless as you can find. With each listen different aspects of each layer reach out to you –  the insane precision of the shuffle patterns, the tonal fusion of the low end, the hypnotic effect of the minimalistic rhythm.  This makes for a heavy-hitting tune that will have you fiending to hear it pumping out of the loudest sound system available.

Today we premiere ‘Champions’ which you can check out below. The tracks drop via Identity Records today so make sure you bag yourself a copy from here!

Champions cover

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