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K-Warren remixes his and Benny V’s ‘No Evil’


Even during Lockdown, things can go bump in the night!

K-Warren is an artist, writer/producer & DJ. K-Warren is known for his Garage Anthems like ‘Coming Home’, ‘Call It Fate’, ‘Something In Your Eyes’ and ‘The Boy Is Mine’ remix (former member of the Architechs)! In more recent times he’s spread his wings and has been making Drum & Bass.

Now, K-Warren revisits his and Benny V’s anthem ‘No Evil’ with spooktacular consequences! Musical stabs on the intro give way to a low rumbling beast littered with clever edits and switches. A track for the sub rumblers. A track for the head nodders. A track to bridge lockdown music to the other side! In the words of Dance Concept...”We will fear No Evil!”

In addition to the release, K-Warren has told us about some of the music that he loves and which has influenced his career so far. There are some amazing selections in here which have, for me, brought back some great memories and have given me a need to watch a load of films again!

Today we premiere K’s remix, which you can check out below. It’s coming via Dance Concept on 4th December so make sure you grab it from here and read on to find out about K-Warren’s Musical Influences!

Chaka Khan ‘Ain’t Nobody’

When I first heard this record, I really liked it. When I heard it in Breakin’ (the movie) I feel in love with it and have never stopped loving it since and became one of my all-time favourite records. 

Thomas Newman ‘American Beauty’

I also love movie soundtracks as they’re so inspiring. In this particular one, the melody of the piano, with pads and other subtle instruments that come in, just takes me on an amazing journey and makes me reflective and think about my reality/existence. After I listen, I feel like I’ve been away.

Hans Zimmer ‘Time’ (Inception)

This piece of music takes me into a magical world and the feeling it gives me it just reminds me we are much more than this physical being. It makes me feel like anything is possible.  

Newcleus ‘Jam On It’

I love the sound of Electro from when I was kid. It broke away from your everyday Hip Hop and was more electronic, with drum machine beats & sci fi themes.  This tune takes me right back there to my body poppin’ days. There’s many Electro tunes that I can mention but this was one of the tunes that was uplifting as well as interesting. 

Masters At Work ft India ‘To Be In Love

To me, this is such a classy American Garage record that really hits the spot. The sound and melody of that bass with India’s vocal gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. 

LTJ Bukem ‘Horizons’

This was a special tune for me as it took me to a place in the future where it felt good and free in every way. I had this track as an alarm, which woke me up for work every morning, which also ended up being my last job before I left to do music professionally/full time. ‘Horizons’ really helped me visualise the future I that I wanted.

Most Wanted ‘Calm Down

When I first heard this record it was the first time when a pitched down 808 kick sound really got my attention and the way it works with this break just sounds so sexy to me. The rap is cool but it’s the 808 that draws me to it every time.  

The Future Sound Of London ‘Papua New Guinea’

I remember being in Vinyl Mania, a record shop in Ealing at the time and one of my cousins recommended this track and they played it for me and I was so wowed by it. I instantly told them to put it on the pile. The combination of the break, atmospheric pads and ethereal vocal takes my mind away to another dimension, no matter what mood I’m in. 

Massive Attack ‘Unfinished Sympathy’

This classic tune is rich with emotion that takes me back to when I first started raving, driving and going on long journeys to get to places. I remember driving out far, not knowing quite where I was, feeling a bit scared but excited at the same time. The strings alone take me on a journey and when I’m in the car with this song playing it makes me feel like I am the protagonist in my own movie. 


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