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K SONIC returns to Epathy Audio with ‘Can’t See / Tell Me’


Meet Konstantin Kainrath, the Drum & Bass maestro and DJ hailing from Vienna, better known as K SONIC. Originally from the stunning landscapes of Vorarlberg, Austria, K SONIC’s venture into the realm of bass music commenced at the youthful age of 12. He makes a triumphant return to Empathy Audio with two electrifying new tracks, ‘Can’t See’ and ‘Tell Me’.

Immersed in a diverse musical upbringing curated by his parents, K SONIC discovered his fervour for Dubstep and Drum & Bass. Since that pivotal moment, these genres have become the heartbeat of his musical journey, enveloping him in their pulsating rhythms and deep basslines.

His roots in Drum & Bass trace back to the lively domain of jump-up, drawing inspiration from luminaries like Upgrade, Simula, and Tsuki. Embracing jump-up’s relentless energy and infectious grooves, he has expanded his sonic horizons to incredible extents.

Recently, K SONIC embarked on an exhilarating chapter by joining the Empathy collective. As a prominent figure on the Label’s A&R front, he has solidified his standing and commenced his DJ career in early 2023.

In ‘Can’t See,’ K SONIC showcases his prowess in sound design, layering minimalist yet catchy melodies over tight drums and thick basses. It marks his initial foray into deep club-oriented productions, a testament to his evolving skills.

On the flip side, ‘Tell Me’ sets a mood with emotive LoFi-influenced elements at the outset, before diving into unique rolling reese basses and fast-paced jungle drums, keeping the intensity soaring.

Prepare to be captivated by K SONIC’s dynamic sonic landscapes as he etches his enduring imprint on the scene. With roots deeply entrenched in Austria’s breathtaking scenery and a vision aimed firmly at the future, K SONIC emerges as an artist on the rise, promising an extraordinary journey ahead.

Check out our premiere of ‘Tell Me’ below. The tracks drop on Friday 17th November, you can grab yourself a copy here!

K SONIC Can't See / Tell Me cover

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