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Joy Doc self releases ‘Been Here Before’


Introducing the highly talented musician, Joy Doc, who is thrilled to unveil her captivating new single ‘Been Here Before’. This mesmerizing track seamlessly blends lively drum and rhythm sections with soulful vocals, delivering an uplifting dance anthem that will captivate listeners.

Originally from New Barnet, London, Joy Doc is an emerging Drum & Bass artist known for her ability to craft infectious tunes with relatable storytelling. Drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Wilkinson, Pola & Bryson, and Koven, Joy Doc’s debut single ‘Sunshine’ was released by Lady Of The House in early 2023, accompanied by a VIP mix.

With ‘Been Here Before’, Joy Doc showcases her exceptional talent as both a producer and vocalist. She skillfully intertwines intricate rhythms with melodic elements and creates a sonic landscape that pulses with infectious energy. Her heartfelt vocals soar above the dynamic beats, infusing the track with genuine emotion and a positive aura.

This summer, Joy Doc presents her second release, following the success of ‘Home’ in June. Both tracks embody Joy Doc’s artistic vision: crafting music that deeply resonates with audiences and uplifts their spirits. With heartfelt lyrics and a vibrant, melodic arrangement, this latest release serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration during challenging times, reminding us of the profound power of music to bring joy and instil strength as we forge ahead.

Check out our premiere of ‘Been Here Before’ below. The single drops this Friday 7th July, make sure you grab a copy from here!

'Been Here Before' cover

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