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John Rolodex returns to Machinist Music with ‘Tinkerbell / Coq Au Vin’


John Rolodex is a pioneering Drum & Bass artist from Edmonton, Canada. He has been flying the flag for Drum & Bass across Canada, the USA and beyond for about 20 years now. He’s had music released on his own label Machinist Music, Metalheadz, Trust Audio, V Recordings, Dread Recordings and more! Now, he’s back on his imprint with 2 killer new tracks, ‘Tinkerbell’ and ‘Coq Au Vin’.

In a world ravaged by misused technology, a new form of life emerged from the chaos. Tinkerbell, a small fairy-like creature with cybernetic enhancements, was one of the few who managed to thrive in this hostile environment. With her metallic wings and glowing eyes, she flew over the ruins of the city, searching for anything she could scavenge to help the surviving inhabitants.

One day, she stumbled upon a group of rogue genetic hackers who were using stolen technology to create an army of killer cyborgs. Tinkerbell knew that if she didn’t stop them, they would enslave the remaining inhabitants of the city. With her quick reflexes and advanced hacking skills, she infiltrated their base and destroyed their plans before they could be executed.

From that day on, Tinkerbell became known as the protector of the city. She used her cybernetic enhancements to defend the weak and fight against injustice. She may have been small, but she had a heart of titanium and a determination that could move mountains. In a world where technology had taken over, Tinkerbell was a symbol of hope for all those who had been left behind.

Today we premiere ‘Tinkerbell’ which you can check out below. The tracks drop today (Friday 14th April) on Bandcamp and will be available everywhere else’s on 28th April. You can get your hands on a copy from here!

Tinkerbell cover

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