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Javano drops his debut album ‘The Drift’


Javano’s album ‘The Drift’ simply cannot be defined. It crosses so many genres and influences they all seamlessly blend into each other. He effortlessly drifts between Drum & Bass, deep techno, dub and jungle. It’s absolute brilliance from an artist who is not afraid to show his true colours. 

Javano, real name Jack Sumrano, is preparing to burst onto the scene in the finest of forms with his stunning 11 track debut album. Javano released his first EP on Peer Pressure Records in 2019 as well as several EP’s on his own Brackwood Audio imprint. He’s also had past releases on Shogun, Lifestyle and Disperse Audio. It really is a testament to Javano that his distinct and clear sound easily moulds and glides between so many of his influences.

With early support from the likes of Satl, John B and Keeno to name a few, there’s an ever increasing interest in Javano’s sound. There has even been strong references to Calibre‘s first album ‘Musique Concrete’, which is by no means an easy thing to achieve!

An incredibly bright future is predicted for this young man from London. We literally cannot wait to see what he comes up with next. So watch this space as we will be following very closely!

Today, we premiere the opening track of the album, ‘Concrete’. It starts with quite a long, liquid intro. Then, the bass kicks in. The track features a gloriously melodic topline and the drums and bass get darker as the track progresses. Make sure you check it out below. Javano’s ‘The Drift’ LP drops on 30th October. You can pre-order the album exclusively from the Peer Pressure Bandcamp here