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Jaise drops ‘Something In My Mind’ EP on Metalheadz


For Metalheadz‘s final release of the year, they are delighted to welcome back Jaise for his 2nd EP on the imprint the ‘Something In My Mind’ EP.

Jaise first became acquainted with the sound of drum n bass in the late 90s. The infamous ‘Torque’ LP cover art sparked intrigue and created an instant desire to hear what was in the sleeve. The precision, feeling, and vibe all culminated in an experience that would result in an unquenchable thirst to find more. Having a solid background in traditional music, it was only natural that DJing and production became the next step.

Jaise has studied musical composition at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He is an accomplished drummer and has played in various bands bringing vast knowledge and experience. Jaise has performed live and has travelled the world as a musician. Recording sessions with world-renowned producers have developed a deep knowledge and understanding of studio techniques.

The ‘Something In My Mind’ EP is a continuation of Jaise’s exploration of light and dark musical elements coexisting together, inhabiting the same space and positively flourishing. This is immediately evident in the first offering ‘Take A Closer Look’ which opens ominously but progresses with the help of a twinkly piano melody.

Throughout the EP, Jaise experiments with various drum patterns, time signatures and moods, a gift brought about by his clever creativity and an enthusiasm to try something different. That’s also what makes this such an enticing assemblage of music constructed with a diverse range of listening environments in mind.

Today we premiere ‘Icaros For Rigor Mortis’ which you can check out below. The EP drops tomorrow (Friday 16th December), make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Something In My Mind cover

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