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Jack South set to drop ‘Borders’ EP on No Reality Music


No Reality Music are delighted to announce the highly anticipated release of ‘Borders,’ an enthralling EP by the exceptionally talented artist, Jack South. Drawing inspiration from the realms of Dune, Tibetan spirituality, and personal encounters, ‘Borders’ presents a mesmerizing blend of melancholic drum and bass, transcending conventional limits to immerse listeners in an extraordinary sonic expedition.

Comprising four meticulously crafted tracks ‘Sareer,’ ‘Step Plate,’ ‘Aranciata,’ and ‘Codeine’, the EP showcases Jack South’s outstanding production prowess and his ability to weave evocative narratives through music. Each track offers a distinct perspective, intertwining intricate tonal textures, captivating vocal samples, and compelling metallic elements.

Inspired by the mythical desert planet Arakkis from the Dune universe, ‘Sareer’ encapsulates the atmospheric essence reminiscent of Zimmer’s remarkable work on the recent Dune remake. With hypnotic melodies and an immersive soundscape, ‘Sareer’ transports listeners to vast and enigmatic desert landscapes.

Continuing the EP’s captivating journey, ‘Step Plate’ unfolds as a mysterious and progressive roller, brimming with suspense and punctuated by filtered stabs cascading over rolling breaks. A weighty bassline guides you through the dance, while sonically leading you through dimly lit alleys and the haze of the nightclub. As mystical pads emerge and clouds of mist disperse, this unassuming track ignites your rhythmic impulses.

Weaving an enchanting tapestry, ‘Aranciata’ integrates samples sourced from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Jack South masterfully combines descriptions of negative spirits, resulting in a track that captivates the listener’s imagination, taking them on a spiritual odyssey.

Taking a personal turn, ‘Codeine’ emerged during a challenging period of hospitalization, paying tribute to the influential drummer Stubblefield by incorporating live drums and infusing the track with a nostalgic touch. Old rave stabs pave the way, accompanied by an expanded break pattern that introduces a halftime twist to the 170 BPM track, subtly acknowledging Stubblefield’s roots.

Jack South, an ardent DJ and connoisseur of experimental breaks and futuristic soundscapes, has become an integral part of the Drum & Bass scene. From his early explorations in the ’94 bandwagon to his current role as one half of Rum and Bass Sessions on Life FM, Jack South’s musical voyage has been shaped by a diverse palette of influences, spanning hip-hop, metal, dub, and ambient. His unwavering dedication to honing his craft has led to the creation of a distinctive and uncompromising sound that resonates with audiences worldwide.

‘Borders’ stands as a testament to Jack South’s artistic vision and musical prowess. This EP is an absolute must listen for enthusiasts of dark Drum & Bass, as it fearlessly pushes the boundaries of the genre and invites listeners to embark on uncharted sonic territories.

Check out our premiere of ‘Codeine’ below. ‘Borders’ by Jack South will be exclusively available on Beatport, Spotify, and Bandcamp starting June 30th, 2023, followed by a release on all major platforms on July 14th, 2023. Make sure you grab a copy from here!

Borders cover

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