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J-Shadow drops ‘Hyperfold’ EP on Beat Machine Records


London based electronic producer J-Shadow connects his sonic explorations with astrophysics, in his latest work ‘Hyperfold’ which is forthcoming on Beat Machine Records. Digging deep into Carl Sagan’s studies, the artist develops the idea that we move along multiple dimensions, that cross each other, fold and loop and yet we are not able to fully perceive. This concept is depicted in ‘Hyperfold’ by a mosaic of high-speed angular rhythms, that recall the disruptive bass potency of ‘Mumdance’, layered on a canvas of atmospheric spatial arcs reminiscent of Bruce’s weightless sound design.

The first track, ‘And Our Lives Were Just A Holograph’, is carefully conceived as a lucid dream, imbued in tuneful bleeps and echos that emerge from the rhythmic pads. It feels like a spaceship ready to take off in ‘Death of the Multiverse’: mercurial sounds keep pinging over a pounding loop, that accelerates the pace with a barrage of Drum & Bass in ‘Exosphere’. The journey rips through the fabric of time with elements of breakcore and splintering (almost) 300bpm in ‘Mist over Sequoia’. The steady sounds of ‘Ion Drive’ welcome us in the new dimension where we venture through a tactile space created by the heavy-dub and consistent jungle rhythms of ‘Ion Drive’ (Gremlinz remix). ‘Oxidiser’ – (Bandcamp Exclusive) – an ethereal atmosphere grows into dynamic kickdrum and interspersed computer sounds.

Hold your breath and get ready to experience a new perspective!

Today we premiere J-Shadow ‘Ion Drive’ (Gremlinz Remix) which you can check out below. The ‘Hyperfold’ EP drops on digital and vinyl on Thursday 3rd February and is available for you to grab from here

Hyperfold artwork

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