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Intention joins Phase Records DNB with ‘Feel / Save Me’


Up next on Phase Records DNB, they are thrilled to present one of their most cherished releases to date: Two exquisite and emotionally resonant liquid tracks ‘Feel’ and ‘Save Me’ by the talented artist Intention.

Intention is a young and promising DJ and producer hailing from South London, best known as one half of Premonition. However, he has embarked on a rebranded solo journey. After achieving success with label head Gifta on their collaborative track ‘Rush,’ he decided to shed his former alias, Seven, and adopt this new identity to unveil these tracks, marking his fresh introduction to the music scene.

So, what makes these tracks so special? They’ve been closely guarded secrets for a little over two years. These compositions symbolise a pivotal period when Phase Records DNB first started to connect as a cohesive team and a close-knit family. As such, they serve as significant milestones that mark the label’s journey towards a successful future. These are two deeply emotive musical creations, featuring intricate drum work, captivating vocals, and the skillful integration of instruments that highlight Intention’s exceptional talent for crafting musical experiences that tug at the heartstrings. Prepare yourself for an emotional journey because these tunes have a poignant story to tell.

Check out our premiere of ‘Feel’ below. The release drops exclusively on Beatport and Spotify on Friday 22nd September and will be available everywhere else from Friday 6th October. Grab yourself a copy here!

Feel / Save Me cover

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