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Insignio drops ‘Meta’ EP on Yanked Beats


A new and more experimental side of the Portuguese producer Afonso Silva aka Insignio as he drops his ‘Meta’ EP on Yanked Beats. Afonso has already proved himself for a decade on the Drum & Bass scene under the pseudonym of Crawler, whereas his alter ego Insignio is the mark of the unexpected, even the unheard. Drum & Bass influences are certain, but they come to heckle more innovative trends such as Halftime, Footwork, Nu Jungle and Juke.

These are the ingredients of this ‘Meta’ EP. Five tracks that give a very personal and thoughtful vision of Bass music, whether it is shaped for the dancefloor or for listening. A good sound resolution to start 2022 with avant-gardism.

Today we premiere ‘Less Lighter’ which you can check out below. The EP drops on Monday 28th February, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Meta cover

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