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InsideInfo’s Garage Influences


For InsideInfo’s next project he brings Rhymestar into the fold with a track that takes it back to the underground. He’s reintroducing us to the sounds which helped grow the UK’s music culture over the last decade. With InsideInfo’s solid foundations within dance music this comes as no surprise, having already made appearances on imprints such as Viper Recordings (with his debut ‘InsideInfo’ LP), the historic Virus Recordings, Critical and more. Musically he’s been around and this commitment to a versatile output continues through his forthcoming single ‘Airwaves’.

Rhymestar adds his vocals to this garage-reminiscent cut. It’s one that consistently switches genre’s through the static radio interference on its journey through dance music history. The track nods to the pirate radio stations which cultivated the influences of InsideInfo, from his origins as a pirate radio DJ. Airwaves pays homage to his diverse background, not just within the drum & bass world but one which also stretches further across other subgenres of dance music too.

To accompany this release InsideInfo has spoken to us about some of the Garage tracks which have influenced him in his productions.

US Alliance – All I Know (Da Grunge Mix)

This track still stands completely on its own as far as I am concerned, there really isn’t much else like it. It’s got that sleek darkness and weirdness to it I love in music, and that kick pattern.. wtf! A very influential record for me.

Antonio – Hyper Funk

I could never track down a Vinyl copy of this record, I searched all the record shops around me and in London at the time. Only managed to pick it up when it was re-released on Locked-on after it became an anthem. Again very stripped back but absolutely deadly. One of my absolute favourite garage tracks ever.

Lenny Fontana ft Beverly T – Spirit Of The Sun

Me and my mates used to drop and rewind this one constantly. With the ominsiuous Jaws like buildup strings, then the FM chime bass drop, gives me chills still. Shine on Shine on Shine on!!

Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold

Listen to the atmosphere in this track, its incredible. It just keeps creeping up on you, when that sub slowly fades in for the 2nd track, a proper journey, pure fucking class! The ultimate smokers track.

MJ Cole -Sincere

I just can’t do a list of garage tracks without putting this in here, because this tune just makes me happy every time I listen to it. It’s like a wave of calm in musical form, one of my fave pieces of music ever.

Industry Standard – What You Want

This was literally the first record I ever learned to mix with! I played it so much the record pretty much disintegrated in the end, then got nicked by someone who I lent loads of my records to and never got them back!

Master Stepz – Melody (Original Edit)

There’s a mix of this track without the single note sub in the intro, which for me was the best bit! The way EZ used to tease this into the mix used to get everyone proper hyped, a proper classic.

Destiny – Dem 2

Finally, I have to include this, because it’s just ridiculous, those stabs, the beats, the vocal chops, incredibly well done, still nothing quite like it, again hugely influential in my sound.

InsideInfo ft. Rhymestar ‘Airwaves’ is out now, check it out below and grab a copy here


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