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Inmachineswetrust drops his 3rd EP on Modular Carnage


The third instalment from Inmachineswetrust for Modular Carnage comes in with his 4 track ‘Insight’ EP.

Inmachineswetrust Insight EP artwork

Producer Inmachineswetrust grew up and lives in the western suburbia of Frankfurt, Germany. His early musical experiences are from playing the drums and keyboard, this is what lead him as a child to discover techno through his local radio-stations. In 2002 he discovered Drum & Bass after listening to the Matrix Remix of Ed Rush & Optical’s ‘Medicine’ which hooked him and drew him into the genre.

Inmachineswetrust brings his diverse and uniquely textured signature-sound focusing on the deeper, darker and more atmospheric parts of the drum & bass spectrum.

Modular Carnage is an independent record label based out of the UK & Germany who we have been supporting for a year now. The last year has seen them grow and sign some really good music from the likes of Ding, MISO, Sedo and Kumarachi and we’re looking forward to seeing what other artists they have releasing drum & bass music on the label soon!

Today we premiere the title track from Inmachineswetrust ‘Insight’ EP. The EP is released on Modular Carnage Recordings on 25th October. Check out ‘Insight’ below and grab a copy of the EP from here