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Indukt & Arxiva drop ‘Entheogen’ EP on Immrsve Audio


Immrsve Audio is back with some more mystical vibes with the outstanding ‘Entheogen’ EP from Indukt & Arxiva! The’Entheogen’ EP they’ve compiled is a true jewel as captivating as the psychedelic journey gets.

Immrsve Audio is a project set to explore, share and expand different art forms through a recognizable format that is still to be. The label won’t only be operating as a music distributor but also as an all inclusive art platform providing therefor photography, motion graphics, literature and other art media alongside with music.

The label is a project of Aleksandar Narancic aka Arxiva known in the world of underground drum and bass through his releases on Parallel Depth, Tesseract, Off-License, Inbassion, Talayotik, Onyx, SDDNB just to name a few. Alongside Aleksandar, Arturo Alvarado Zamudio aka MAE917, Manuel Guerrero Estevez and Nicoara Raul aka Rollyax are involved in the project with design, marketing and administration.

Indukt began his musical journey from a young age, alongside his parents’ records stored in the basement. After moving to Novi Sad (home of EXIT Festival), he had discovered the sounds of Drum & Bass. He very quickly began his career as a DJ, and not long after, he delved into the realm of music production.

While primarily focused on the deeper end of Drum & Bass, Indukt shows his versatility and delivered a dark, oriental dubstep track as his part of the first Immrsve Audio compilation.

Arxiva is a name that you come across in the deepest corners of the modern underground scene with his tribal acid rollers that delve deep into the essence of the psychedelic experience.

Arxiva’s sets are fast paced/deep/rolling mantras that take the listener on a journey through the low range frequencies accompanied by tribalistic percussion and hypnotic drum patterns.

Today we premiere the title track ‘Entheogen’. There is a whole trippy story related to the ‘Entheogen’ EP and the music included is along the same vibe. You can check out the track below and I’ve included the story beneath for those who’d like to read it. The EP drops on Immrsve Audio on 26th April, make sure you grab it using the purchase link!

My eyes are closed, it has already been 30mins since I took the portion. I feel that the trip will be hard as soon as the Taiga Shaman starts beating the drum in a syncopated rhythm in order to guide me through the journey. Fractals are forming while I try to navigate through the experience. I can barely keep my calm as the drum beats get faster. Thin percussions are joining the party and I can’t tell if they are visual or sonic. After a short drop in intensity the trip continues and eventually, I get used to it, calming my senses bit by bit…

I find that I’m already 1 hour into the trip and the connection I had with the real world faded away some time ago. I find myself entering a fractal like Ruin filled with sharp objects floating over a soft blanket of pastel colored waves. I’m floating. The landscape is clearly that of an ancient civilization but I’m not sure which one it is, everything looks so alien yet familiar. I enter the ruin deeper only to find an intact hidden chamber. As I enter, the fractals instantly stop moving and the desert wind stops blowing.

In the center of the chamber, I can clearly see a light orb of some sort, changing colors from purple and green to yellow. As I approach it, the flickering lights calm a bit and static starts building up all around it yet it’s magnetism keeps pulling me closer with each moment that passes by. I am in reach and reach out to it and it’s aura, the room turns completely dark and the orb becomes almost hostile, pulsating images into my mind ranging from star nebulas to abstract ideas and sounds. It’s the personification of the Entheogen!

I need some time to understand the pictures and emotions that I’m being presented with but the intensity is simply too much for me to handle. By this point I understand that I’m not controlling this journey anymore. The concepts that I’m seeing haul me deeper and deeper into the essential questions that I always had in regards to the Universe. As soon as I remember any one of them, I’m presented with metaphysical explanations on those matters. It just crossed my mind that I exist only through these questions and that they are the primary purpose of consciousness. Everything is relative, chaos and order, everything exists and yet doesn’t exist. Is Entropy the ultimate response to the question why or is it only a tool of the Universe to destroy itself since it was never supposed to be in the first place?

Suddenly something happened and I’m being transported back to Earth and it’s creation as it seems. Time is passing fast and eons pass by in a matter of seconds until I reach the time when the first humans emerged on Earth. I’m traveling across the planet looking at different primal tribes. Each one of those tribes has one of those orbs that I saw eons ago. It seems as if these orbs are educating the tribes on how to think, communicate, write, read, believe, meditate, create and envision. Polygenesis is unquestionable at this point even though a different kind of common source is, was and will be at play here…


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